[root /]$ About Me:

Hello there! I'm Pei-Shan Wu. My hometown is Taiwan.

Devcon5 Scholar & Yahoo Alumna. Working experience in research institution (NGO) and startups.

In 2015, Germany became my second home. Currently I am working at a Germany based startup focused on providing sustainable & open-source based infrastructure solutions.

[root /]$ What I do:

Business development and project management interfacing with product marketing, product development, operations, and sales. In other words, problem solving, bridging cross-team communication and delivering customer oriented results.

[root /]$ What else I do:

I love technology and value diversity.

Besides my current occupation, I am learning about blockchain technology, programming, and exploring the world of product development.

I am excited about the opportunities to contribute to the ecosystem with my new set of skills and improving them as I go along.